My 5th anniversary

My 5th anniversary

Wow! It’s been 5 years since I first started this blog and I look back and I laugh at myself for my about me page haha. I have much fewer friends than I thought I would have and replaced some. Anyways, I haven’t been on here regularly as I should have but I’ve been busy with school and I finally graduated high school and I’m going on to bigger things such as college and working on careers.

I can remember when I first started this blog I had a crappy iPod 5 gen. I used to take pictures of my drawings and it was terrible! Now it’s broken because I dropped it so many times and water got in it.. My blog was bland and I tried to make it look pretty but I wasn’t good with technology until about 2 years later, I fixed it and made it what it is now and I felt so proud of myself, like a master blogger haha.

Honestly when I started out I was bored over summer and wanted something to do because I don’t think I was close with all my friends I had yet and plans would cancel easily because there was so many of us. So I took up blogging and did something I liked to do for fun which is drawing. Believe me it has been fun doing this and I realized that there is a lot of spam out there and fake comments, which discouraged me somewhat. However, when I read through further I saw real comments I that encouraged me to keep going with what I was doing. I was happy with what I made and wanted to help it keep growing, but I got busy and “sidetracked.”

I got into Lord of the Rings Online and it became like an addiction to me and sometimes I still want to play but if I do I know I’ll be sucked back into it. I only want to see where things are now in my world I made. It was like a relief from society and it made me want to live there. Yeah that’s not good haha. I stopped about two years ago though. My name was Builas and I was on brandy wine server and if you knew me and you’re reading this Hey! Hawo kin!

My senior year has been a roller coaster ride. So much drama occurred and so many nuances in my own life, however I actually started dating my first boyfriend! I couldn’t believe I was capable of attracting someone after 17 years of my life haha. He is still with me surprisingly and I love him after all that we have been through together. I mean things have been hard in both our lives but we still strive to support each other and comfort one another. You want details? I’ll give you details. We started talking in October because he got courage to text me because my friend is his sister. I was supposed to text something specific about all my friends at a football game but I messed up so I had to text him what happened and then he started to flirt and that’s how it all happened haha. It was amazing until my parents found out and you know how that goes. They didn’t want me to date him because of our age but I’m almost 18 in 19 days and still counting. His birthday is 2 days less than me. It’s such a coincidence haha especially when we made it official on the 28th. If you add the end numbers of our birthdays (23 and 25) it’s 2(8). I know you don’t want to hear about this anymore so let’s continue on. 😁

Now I have a MUCH better phone, make that an iPhone 5s. I really want to post some more art up but I don’t want to give false hope if I suddenly stop as I have done before. Once I turn 18 I’m going to be looking for a job too so it will be hard to balance my blogging out with my real life. I mean if you continue to comment to my email at I will most likely see them because I check my email everyday. I really look forward to hearing feedback from you guys and I mean the true people out there that like the posts I’ve made even though they are mediocre work haha. Also I have a YouTube channel I’ve been posting on that has me and my old friends I needed for video projects. They’re funny to me and I think they will be to you. My favorite comedy I made was probably the civil rights struggle video. And I made a legit trailer for The Book Thief… It’s pretty good, not gonna lie. This is my channel name: DMfan88 and yes if you think of my name as in Depeche mode of the 1988 Rosebowl then we are on the same level haha. Depeche mode is my inspiration to play keyboards and I have a couple from the 80s they would have used. I love the 80s. I mean really; I have a playlist on my channel too that needs to be updated because some people delete the videos and I get frustrated because I don’t remember which song it was and I forget. I need to stop rambling so much to you all.

Before I end my post I want to say thank you guys so much for over the years continuing to come back to my page and encouraging me to improve the blog. I will try to post something soon. I have been painting recently with oils and Bob Ross is a big inspiration haha. Paint those happy little clouds and trees am I right? I’m such a nerd I even have the magic white paint official brand. Okay I’m signing off now but not for good. Good bye and I love you guys!  ~Isabella




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