How to Draw ScrewBall Squirrel


Back and will be making this one numbered as well. The quality seems a little better on this one to me after going through my old photos I’ve taken a couple months ago and I’m sorry for being lazy lol. School is just a big thing and so is my now synth posts on YouTube. I will put a link to that probably after I make my drum track.

Anyways back to drawing. I loved watching these shows when I was younger, and I still do! :)

Step 1. Sketch the outlines. Same ol’ same ol’


Step 2. Draw his big squirrely nose! :)
And outline his muzzle a tad.


Step 3. Add on his mouth and eye outlines, he looks pretty ghostly. :o


Step 4a. Those fluffy cheeeeks!!! Oooh how adorableee. :D


Step 4b. Here is a close up to ‘his’ left cheek.


Step 5. Finally adding some detail to his mouth. Make those big-O squirrel teef show.


Step 6a. Wooo give this squirrel some visual perspectives!


Step 6b. Here is a close up so you see what is going on.


Step 7. Here I zoom out to show you a little neck if you can see it.


Step 8. Here is his arm and his right part of his body.


Step 9. Here you can see the body swooping like a lump sided circle?


Step 10. Here is part of his right hand. I got cut off so try to improvise and copy how his left hand looks, but propping himself to a wall.


Step 11. Here is the rest, except his thumb, on the left hand.


Step 12. Aw cute furry feeeeetss


Step 13. Here is a zoom out of his left side and arm.


I will have to post a clean zoom out non colored and coloured picture later. Thanks for following another tutorial and I will see ya soon hopefully. :) bu byeeee. :D


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