How to Draw Peppermint Larry


It’s been longer than a year sorry about that but I am back for a post or two for my blog. :)

1. Start with the layout as usual


2. Sketch out familiar parts of him, like his hair and glasses :).


3. Give him that big smile and his nose so he looks.. Well a lil more human


4. Now we’re at his neck, sketch his cute lil bow tie in.


5. Bring from his Bowtie down some so he will have a body and not a floating head.


6. Peppermint Larry‘s outfit looks like its from a western bar scene. So he has these puffy sleeves ya need to draw on him.


7. Moving on to his left arm now, he will be holding a flag so his left will be raised a lil higher than his right. Forgot what episode he did the flag signals on.


8. Adding on to his left arm, sketch in a hand, but holding a stick.


9. I’m gonna zoom out a lil for you to see the flags length goes up to his head.


10. Back to his right arm, we’re gonna give him another hand so he looks more normal ;).


11. Detail, detail, detail! Lots added on to his clothes.


12. Time to finish up the flag! Sketch in to give it a less flat look.


I didn’t have room to do the whole thing but you can! It’s going downwards so it’s gonna be narrow than a fat piece f cloth.

13. Uncompleted look zoomed out here


I didn’t take a picture d this colored for some reason and I will do that later today. Thanks for reading/sketching and I will see ya soon. :)




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