How to Draw The Wolf in Droopy


Well then, I will be putting up more of my posts I couldn’t put up because I got my iPod taken away. :/ Anways, we’ll be drawing the funny wolf that goggles at the female cartoons on stage hehe.

Step 1. The wolf has a somewhat easy body because I deconstruct it more but it will be longer so try and follow me. :)


Step 2. I think I erased the photo before that but we can do this. So next we can draw the ears. The ears were a lil bit hard drawing them put if you take your time on it, it will work out for you.


Step 3. Now we draw the snout for him! That is it :D


Step 4. Now we can make his mouth open so his tongue lolls out.


Step 5. Time to add I’m the tongue. It was hard and had to redo it a couple of times but just draw it lightly and it will be ok.


Step 6. We can add the border of his mouth so we can see his lips.



Step 7. Now time for the body outline.


Step 8. Well the arms get a lil tricky but I took my time :)


Step 9. The arm sleeve wasn’t really hard just only if you knew your basic shapes for drawing.


Step 9. It’s time to start drawing the hands. One hand is open and the otter is clenching the table ( the right one). I will put both pictures in this step.



Step 10. Now we can draw is little tiny mustache. :D


Step 11. Now we can add some detail to his tux. Like bows and roses.


Step 12. Last
But not least, his flower in his coat. The moat easiest step and fun is decorating a character. :)


Wooo we are done :D next I will put up how to draw droopy. Till then, I’ll see ya!



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