How to Draw Droopy


Well this ones a lil late today but I promise I will bring another one horror *teehee* so let’s begin to draw a famous cartoon character, Droopy!! :D
Step 1.
First we start the guidelines like in any other drawing and all the circles.


Step 2.
He has 2 really sad looking eyes an they are pretty easy. :)


Step 3.
Easiest part ever of all steps is just draw an oversized ear for him too make him look gloomier.


Step 4.
Droopy has a wild mat of hair but sleek it out like mine and it’ll come out ok ;)


Step 5.
Now we are beginning to draw his nose its just like an ordinary blood hounds nose so look at them and it might be easy to copy from both.


Step 6.
All you gotta do is sketch wrinkles on top of his nose.


Step 7.
Time for the nose :D


Step 8.
Droopy has another flap of fat hangin on he otter side of his face but it should be easy.


Step 9.
In this step droopy has his hand up by his mouth and he is going to call the cops on the wolf in this episode.


Step 10.
Here you can see his body pose and he’s leaning against a wall.


Step 11.
His feet must be done very accurate to get them in the right position so e careful.


Step 12.
For the last foot, it has to align with the lines of his body to get connected to it and look really amazing. If ya know what I mean.


Soooo finally another masterpiece has been put together… Again. Next time we will draw wolfy from the cartoon. Biiiieeeee!!!!



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