How to Draw Link(mini)


Yay I love Link!!! He’s my cartoon hero ;) hehe. Lol. Anyways enough fantasizing, I am going to teach you how to draw Link to drool over!!! Or hang up…
First start with a circle for th head and guidelines and an arm guide.


Sketch a pair of eyes and bushy eyebrows.


D: his beautiful, luscious hair!!! *faints*


Omg his epic hat thing!!! :• :DDD


Next, a part of his arm that will hold his ocarina.


Yay his tunic!!! He is looking so cute!


Add a design to his belt and his cute lil boots! :)


Link is almost ready to spit a tune on his ocarina!! Another hand woo!


The ocarina was a lil hard to draw but I pulled it off lol.


On the other end is a thread to.


Time to add his sword and shield on his bak!!! :D


Zoom up!!


A fix here too!


And a lil piece of hair here lol.


Well done!!! We completed another :DD I will add metaknight tut tomorrow cuz my iPod is gonna dye and a flapjack tut. I’ll see ya later!!! Peace!!! 


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  1. Hey, your site is looking really nice and the drawings are coming along great, you are really developing your skills. You posted a load of nice stuff on my inspiration project and challenge 12 websites. I keep changing what I am doing, but now have settled on

    I am currently doing teacher training and trying to make a site for young people to use. Got some nice links on there and hoping to develop it soon. Just thought I would let you know that some of your posts are up there transfered from the other sites. Welcome to post more, but still sorting the site so that people can contribute easily. Kinda hard to get my head round and kinda busy as I have two kids, am training and my wife works! Busy times.. Anyhow, just wanted to say hi and congratulations for keeping your site going so nice.. Maybe catch up in the future..

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