How to Draw John Lennon Chibi


Today is a very specaul day and I thought I should draw a picture for it too, here is a tutorial on how to draw john Lennon!! :D
First we egin with the hibiscus structure!! Yay


Start working your way down the torso of his body with his clothes.


Sketch in his beautiful eyes!! :)


He had some really cool hair and I had a lot if fun thinking of his hair design and did this one!!! You will notice that guys have darker and broader eyebrows than girls and that the girls have thinner eyebrows and they have a little more outlined eyes too.


Just draw the shape starting with his shirt


Then his pants!!!


Now it’s time to decorate his jacket and shirt!!! Detailing was really fun here and add a few loose marks on his clothes.


And a perfect smile to finish it off!!! :D that was really fun and I will see ya guys soon!!! Merci for reading this Au voir!!!


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