How to Draw Shoop Da Whoop


I thought that I should draw some memes this week and I am starting with shoop da whoop!!! :D and then I’ll do Domo.
First we start off with the structure of A mouth, pretty simple for now.


Then sketch in the lips but not too fat or too skinny.


If it does look a lil too fat then draw a skinnier line close by like I did and it worked out a bunch.


Time for the inside of his mouth. Yay!!
The teeth are actually easy if you try but you already are trying anyways. :)


Finally for the big finale, his eyes. The pupils should be in an awkward position for some pointers. And sketch his tongue in too.


That was an easy lesson!!! I’ll see ya later for another lesson and TaTa for now!! Oh and I watched the movie Lolita. It was really sad and pervy and beautiful!! Wish I could read the book by Nabokov.
Heres shoop da whoop finished:



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