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How To Draw Mordecai


Today, were going to just draw mordecai! :D!
Start drawing his body structure and head.


Next, draw his beak first then his eyes to make it easier. If the beak is to hard to draw then sketch a V and try to draw it now. Also make him a little fatter.


Start adding detail to mordecai and his pointed feather top. Sketch out curved lines for the arms.


The only step here is his arms. They’re kinda hard so keep your pace.


Finally draw his legs and tail feathers. I did a close up of his legs for you so you can see them.

Now you’ve finished!! :)!! Here’s mine finished, I also added a green background. Next I’ll draw rigby the same way. Cya!!

Copic Markers for Beginners


Today I just got my order of Copic markers, skin tone variety. I’m going to try them out And see if I can use them as good as my coloring utensils. :D I’ll show you a picture of what they look like and pretty much the only place you can buy them is online in target, Amazon,, and joanne.


They have a chisel end and a soft brush end. When you use them you color in circles lightly over a thin, smooth piece of paper. They don’t bleed through the paper and you can reuse them when they go dry by purchasing a nib from an online store. So far I have E04 R20 E95 E50 E53 YR00 E11 E57 and this pack comes with a multiliner pen you use to outline your drawing and erase pencil markings. A handy thing about these markers is you can download and print out a chart where you color in which colors you have according to their number codes and keep track of them. These aren’t cheap but they are useful and last a lifetime if you take care of them and don’t let your dog eat them. Thanks for listening and I’ll show a picture using Copic markers. Bye!!